Night Tea had its inaugural event, Night Tea Vol 1 as part of the Sense Bath exhibiton at Upper Marktet Gallery. Attendees were welcomed to a nighttime tea service featuring a fermentation-forward menu.

The event showcased exquisite ceramics by Valerie Scott, blown glass by Whitney Vangrin, and floral arrangements by Nine Swords Design. Chefs Jack Vanchiere and Whitney Vangrin presented a menu with edible offerings that highlighted the diverse flavors and textures of fermented ingredients such as chili, beets, grape leaves, and kelp. The three-course tasting menu delivered an exceptional and sensory dining experience.

The soundscape, curated by Ryan Seiter, contributed to the immersive atmosphere, creating a harmonious backdrop for the culinary journey. Clara Liang created an epic cake offering with miso buttercream, meringue, mascarpone filling and Umeboshi.

The entire concept, envisioned by Whitney Vangrin, came to life and was a celebration of creativity, blending art, gastronomy, and auditory experiences into a seamless and unforgettable experience for all those in attendance.

Night Tea Vol 1 marked the beginning of a series of events that promised to transcend the ordinary, inviting guests to savor the extraordinary.

Photography by Nicholas Sargent

Night Tea Vol 2  was conceptualized by Whitney Vangrin and featured ceramics by Justin Kiene, edible offerings by Whitney Vangrin herself, and a captivating soundscape by Rage.inald & the Hy.4x, Night Tea created an atmosphere where every detail was carefully curated to enhance the dining experience.

Guests explored the diverse flavors and textures of fermented ingredients such as black garlic, beets, grape leaves, and kelp in a three-course tasting menu that took them on a culinary journey like no other. With an olfactory activation by Arianna Khmelniuk, Night Tea delivered an exceptional dining experience that stimulated all the senses and left a lasting impression.

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