Whitney Vangrin is an artist working across mediums with an emphasis in performance and video. Equal parts physical and psychological, her performances question perceptions of authenticity, creating works that hinge upon reality and simulation while making allusions to film, ritual, and folk traditions.

In Vangrin's performances there is a confrontation with the self and rupturing of wholeness and one’s configuration in space. The doubling of the body can be seen as contemplation on the multiple personas one presents to the world and that media distorts. Her performances contained nods to highly stylized cinematic forms and channel the performances of the iconic heroines found in the genres of science fiction,thriller, drama and horror. Each performance wavers between sincerity and melodrama, pursuing a desire to blur the lines between representation and life. Vangrin seeks to embrace the ambiguities that exist between being and wanting to be, and the rich production of myth and image that comes from that. 

With the integration of digital and analogue technologies with real time performance, Vangrin is creating a  space to conjure a myriad of identities and jump between realms of existence. The artist is no longer a being existing in space but a multitude of beings occurring across time and simultaneously with one another. The self is a construction that can be rupture, augmented and reproduced. 

The manipulation of anatomy plays a major role across her performance and its sculptural elements. The body is fragmented by way of live feed manipulation and the use of practical effects. The isolation of limbs, organs, and bodily fluids emphasizes the vulnerability of our bodies. Each part of the body tells its own history of pain, violence, and loss. Conversely the body fragmented is also a source of recovery. The body merges with video projection and forms of wax,plastic, sugar and dough, and becomes an entity that is ever-shifting and evolving.

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