Tangerine Blue

MoMa PS1

Photography by Walter Wlodarczyk

Tangerine Blue's frenzied movements dissolved into impulsive spasms of the body, reverberating through live projection, time and reality becomes distorted. By creating a sense of disorientation, the fragment blurs the lines between reality and artifice. The double is evoked, a visual stimulus of mood and an element for self-reflexive contemplation. The body is projected in real and recorded time, achieving a symbolic inter-dimensional existence. By creating a representation of the body that exists both in real time and in recorded time, I evoke a sense of duality and explore the complexities of human experience.

The figure journeys across the realms depicted in the flanking projections; row crops of Central California as seen through an Amtrak window, dirt car races at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, salvage yards and unfinished infrastructure, aquarium jelly fish and octopi, Elephant seal colonies, golden Eucalyptus, the Hearst Castle pool. A vagrant in a fevered dream, a spell cast in a wave. 

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