of Fog and Dough, 2023

Photography by Shao Feng Hsu

of Fog and Dough" stands as a contemplative performance piece that weaves together a diverse tapestry of themes and elements. This work explores realms of mysticism, folklore, the impacts of war, and the concept of the human body as a malleable and inherently vulnerable entity.

In the piece dough becomes a surrogate for the human body. The malleability of dough, which is traditionally associated with baking and nourishment, is transformed into an exploration of the body's capacity to shift, adapt, and transform in response to external forces. The fluidity of the dough, as it morphs and adapts, mirrors the fluidity of the human form. As the performance unfolds the ductile and vulnerable nature of the dough takes on a haunting and symbolic appearance—an embodiment of a shrouded body. Much like the burial sheets or winding-cloths used in various cultures and religions to prepare the deceased for their final resting place. Each fold of the boule becomes an echo the act of enshrouding a beloved. This process begins at the pinnacle, where the dough, is guided toward the center—enveloping its essence in reverence and care.

Enigmatic fog cases the performer and dough, in a mixture of opacity and transparency, an interplay between the tangible and the intangible. With the passage of time fog suggests smoke, emanating from ammunition, explosions, and debris. A haunting reminder of the relentless and disorienting nature of conflict. With each twist of dough and swirl of fog, we adapt, transform, and are reminded of the fragility of life, the significance of care, and the enduring impact of conflict. 

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